Variable Height Antenna (VHA)

Our all-weather SENTRY is designed to meet IP54 and MIL-STD-810 standards. It operates in extreme conditions and is a force multiplier for mission critical situations. Fielded and maintained by our forces flying Silvus, Trellisware, MPU5, PRC-163, and PRC-161 radios.

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Capabilities & Integrations

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Precision Landing

Launch and recover without optical sensors for precise landing in all-weather environments.

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Open Architecture

Open API, range of sensors, radios, and payloads available for seamless platform integration

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Field Proven

Blue sUAS fielded and maintained by our forces flying Silvus, Trellisware, MPU5, PRC-163, and PRC-161 radios.

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GPS Denied Ops

Our proprietary technology provides unmatched precision flight in areas where GPS signals are not optimal.

Product Details

Tactically Repositionable
Power Over Tether

Built for Radios

Qualified payloads include Silvus, Trellisware, Persistent Systems, L3 Harris, Viasat, goTenna, multiple sensors, cameras, and others.

Power Over Tether

Unlike battery-powered drones, our tethered drones have unmatched power and unlimited flight time for hours, days, and weeks.

Tactical Repositioning

Transporting portable drones is efficient and convenient with quick setup for maximum flexibility in stationary or mobile missions.

Superior Drone Technology

Hoverfly Technologies is a leading national provider of federal defense drones, security drones, and public safety drones. The SENTRY is designed to meet IP54 and MIL-STD-810 standards and is a military-grade tether-powered UAS ready for any mission. Our tether-powered system provides infinite power and continuous operation. It features enterprises multi-site control with Smart Command software by Hexagon. The SENTRY requires minimal training, and no piloting is needed. It also features a PTZ Hi-Def camera with 10x optical zoom, built-in-lead, flank, follow “on the move” technology.


5 lbs. (2.3kg) without payload

Payload Capacity

20” x 20” x 10.6” (50 cm x 50 cm x 27 cm)

Composite and carbon

Maximum Altitude
200 ft (60m) tether

Secure data/video over tether

Supplied by tether with backup battery

IP54*, MIL-STD-810G*

.20C to +55C

In the Field

Our tethered drones provide continuous communication with no wire or fiber needed for installation and a mobile ad-hoc network of flying communications nodes.

Made in the USA

Our drones are proudly designed, built, and supported in the U.S. Hoverfly has been developing the best Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for industrial, commercial, government, and other specialized applications across the country.

Seamless SDK Integration

Hoverfly’s Software Development Kit (SDK) allows Hoverfly and its sensors to be controlled over various networks or the internet for multiple fused sources in a Common Operating Picture (COP). It also enables seamless integration with existing security and video management systems with libraries for .NET, C++, and more coming soon. Our SDK provides three levels of access to the Hoverfly system: full control, payload-only control, and telemetry monitoring.