The #1 Tethered Drone in the United States

Hoverfly Techologies is trusted by the U.S. and our armed forces to deliver maximum surveillance, defense, and safety.

  • The leading drone system for the U.S. Army
  • Designed for military & security applications
  • Tested in military operations & environments
  • Extending network communication as the #1 VHA
  • On-the-move deployment capabilities
  • Unmatched GPS-denied operation

Improving Gaps in Real-Time Threat Detection

  • Warfighters need rapid on-demand intelligence to make critical mission decisions.
  • Free-flying drones are limited to 20–40 minute flight times per battery.
  • Communication between dispersed formations is often limited by ground signals and hampered by terrain variation.
  • Warfighters on all fronts require technology that matches their own endurance.

Advanced Aerial Defense Solutions

  • Hoverfly tethered drones offer rapid on-demand ISR, communications, or counter-UAS mission deployments
  • Improved situational awareness at 200 ft
  • All-weather capable and unmatched GPS-denied operation in contested environments

Unmatched Performance for Every Operation

  • Unlimited flight time via a consistent power source
  • Encrypted, reliable data transmissions from craft to ground station
  • Payload agnostic design
  • Self-monitoring capabilities
  • 200 ft tethered flight
  • Rapid deployment and system setup in less than 10 minutes

Maximizing Efficiency & Effectiveness

  • Persistent situational awareness at 200 ft with advanced ISR payloads.
  • Superior VHA performance with extended communications, connecting dispersed formations and exponentially improving survivability.
  • Force multiplier for multi-mission deployment.
  • Intuitive UI and straightforward piloting
  • Deploy in a variety of environments for mission success.
  • Gain tactical advantage with advanced Counter-UAS radars and EW payloads.


The most advanced tethered UAS on the market. Our brand-new Spectre (2.0) delivers unparalleled payload capabilities: the ultimate platform for simultaneous network range extension and ISR, or advanced Counter-UAS (C-UAS) operations.

Retaining the simplicity and effectiveness of Sentry, Spectre advances our proprietary tethered technology with versatile payload integration, enhanced ruggedization, improved GPS-denied performance, and unmatched endurance. Designed for rapid integration, Spectre is perfect for Vehicle and Human-Machine Integrated Formations (H-MIF).

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The most fielded Tethered UAS for the US military. Our all-weather Sentry remains the quintessential Tethered UAS for dispersed formations, offering rapid ISR or network range extension to ensure mission success. As a single payload platform, Sentry can be a great solution for law enforcement agencies and security personnel seeking persistent and reliable communications or reconnaissance solutions.

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Network Extension of Unmanned Systems

Hoverfly is excited to unveil the next leap in robotic combat integration and Human-Machine Integrated Formations. NEXUS – Network Extension of Unmanned Systems – is a multi-mission solution delivered directly from the Hoverfly Tethered UAS.

By leveraging the strengths of the Hoverfly Tethered UAS and other unmanned systems, this innovative technological ecosystem revolutionizes the tactical network, offering unprecedented endurance, extended range, enhanced concealment, and unmatched operational efficiency.

Our Mission

Our mission at Hoverfly is to remain the leader in tethered technology while proudly contributing to national security and American innovation. Committed to quality, reliability, and ingenuity, we harness American expertise to deliver cutting-edge tethered-drone solutions tailored to the unique needs of our customers. With an unwavering dedication to excellence and a steadfast commitment to our values, Hoverfly pioneers the future of tethered robotics.

Training & Support

Hoverfly understands that endurance excels both on and off the battlefield, which is why we are committed to delivering world-class support for you and your Hoverfly Tethered UAS. We offer extensive training and retraining programs to ensure operator proficiency and mitigate operational issues.

Additionally, each of our systems is outfitted with a comprehensive spare kit, allowing for rapid maintenance and upkeep of the system while in use. Lastly, we offer warranties on all Hoverfly systems so if you encounter an issue that requires product support and assistance, we’ll honor your purchase and make certain that your system is fully repaired and back in your hands.


Persistent ISR

When you need eyes in the sky for extended durations, Hoverfly Tethered UAS delivers. Powered by its secure tether, Hoverfly Tethered UAS can remain airborne for hours, providing continuous surveillance and reconnaissance without the need for frequent battery changes.

Rapid Deployment

Hoverfly Tethered UAS can be launched and operational within minutes – stationary or on the move – providing immediate situational awareness and actionable intelligence to support mission success.

Extended Communication

In the ever-evolving landscape of combat, communication is non-negotiable. At 200’, Hoverfly Tethered UAS exponentially increases communication range beyond line-of-sight. The secure tether ensures encrypted, reliable data transmission between the drone and the ground station, safeguarding critical information from interception or tampering.

Adaptable Payloads

Whether you need high-resolution reconnaissance, thermal imaging, or electronic warfare capabilities, Hoverfly Tethered UAS offers a versatile platform to accommodate a wide range of payloads. Customize it to meet your specific mission requirements and gain the tactical advantage you need.

Reliability In Harsh Environments

From harsh weather conditions to challenging terrain, Hoverfly Tethered UAS is built to withstand the rigors of military operations. Its robust construction and advanced flight control systems ensure reliability and performance in even the most demanding and austere of environments.

Mission Flexibility

Whether conducting reconnaissance, target acquisition, network range extension, perimeter security, or battlefield assessment, Hoverfly Tethered UAS provides the flexibility to adapt to evolving mission objectives on the fly. Stay agile, stay responsive, and stay ahead of the adversary with Hoverfly Tethered UAS by your side.

Compromise is not an option. Equip your forces with the unparalleled capabilities of Hoverfly Tethered UAS and gain the strategic edge you need to succeed on the battlefield. With decades of experience and a reputation as the industry leader, our federal defense drones, public safety drones, and security drones are the best on the market. Contact us today and experience the power of the most advanced tethered drones tailored for military excellence.

Tethered Drone Applications

  • Variable Height Antennas (VHA) for network relays and communication extension
  • Munitions Targeting with advanced ISR payloads
  • Persistent ISR for vehicular formations while on the move
  • Extending unmanned systems for deployment in robotic warfare
  • Detection and identification of threats through Counter-UAS and EW intelligence payloads
  • Base security with continuous surveillance feed at 200 ft
  • Disaster response networking and radio range extension through VHA deployments
  • Persistent event security at 200 ft

The tether provides persistent power and data to the craft, allowing it to stay in the air for an indefinite period.

Hoverfly support provides comprehensive training for our product and the FAA requires pilots to have an up-to-date Part 107 license. Upcoming regulatory changes will allow public safety users to pilot without the need for a Part 107.

Hoverfly tethered drones can be unboxed, set up, and flown to 200 ft in less than 10 minutes. If already set up, then a Hoverfly can reach maximum altitude in less than two minutes.