Security Drones

Enhancing Situational Awareness For All Missions

Maximum Security & Protection

Hoverfly is revolutionizing the security industry for long-duration, small-footprint aerial surveillance and secure long-range communications with tethered UAS (TeUAS) technology.

  • Persistent flight translates to persistent intelligence and surveillance.
  • Hoverfly deploys while stationary or on the move – from vehicles or vessels.
  • Hoverfly tethered UAS is unmatched in its ability to fly indefinitely while providing mission-critical situational awareness to the end-user.

Identifying Critical Security Gaps

  • No eye-in-the-sky solution = limited visibility
  • Difficult to detect and respond to potential threats in real-time
  • Ground-based security measures are hampered by physical obstructions
  • Lack of proactive threat assessment and responsive planning

Elevating Security Standards With Next-Generation Solutions

  • Hoverfly tethered drones offer rapid on-demand ISR
  • Improved situational awareness at 200 ft
  • All-weather capable and unmatched GPS-denied operation in contested environments

Advanced Functionalities for Optimal Protection

  • Continuous aerial surveillance and monitoring capabilities at 200 ft
  • Advanced ISR payloads
  • Real-time streaming capabilities
  • Open API
  • Unlimited flight time
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Secure data via tether

Maximizing Public Security Impact & Efficiency

  • Dynamic and proactive security solution for safeguarding critical assets
  • Persistent coverage ensures no blind spots or gaps in surveillance
  • Delivery of actionable intelligence to enable rapid responses and informed decision-making
  • Operate securely with encrypted video over the tether = no jamming or stealing
  • Act swiftly and decisively with intelligence from 200 ft
  • Extend the outer layer of security and identify threats well beyond physical perimeters
  • Unlimited flight time

Security Problems on the Ground

The absence of an eye-in-the-sky solution leaves security forces vulnerable to critical operational challenges. Security personnel are often hampered by limited visibility and situational awareness, making it difficult to detect and respond to potential threats in real-time. Ground-based security measures alone cannot provide the comprehensive coverage needed to safeguard large areas, critical infrastructure, or high-profile events effectively. Furthermore, the lack of aerial reconnaissance inhibits proactive threat assessment and response planning, increasing the risk of security breaches and compromising public safety.

An Eye-In-the-Sky Solution

Elevate your security operations to unprecedented levels of effectiveness with Hoverfly tethered drones. Offering continuous aerial surveillance and monitoring capabilities, our tethered drone systems provide a dynamic and proactive security solution for safeguarding critical assets, infrastructure, and events.

With the ability to remain airborne for extended periods of time, tethered drones offer persistent coverage, ensuring no blind spots or gaps in surveillance. Equipped with advanced sensors and real-time streaming capabilities, our security drones deliver actionable intelligence to security personnel, enabling rapid response and informed decision-making.

Whether protecting borders, perimeters, or high-profile events, trust in Hoverfly drones to enhance situational awareness, deter threats, and maintain a secure environment with unmatched efficiency and reliability.


Experience the Hoverfly Advantage and revolutionize your aerial operations with unparalleled precision, adaptability, and reliability:

Unmatched Situational Awareness

With the ability to remain airborne for extended periods, our systems deliver persistent surveillance day or night, rain or shine. Hoverfly Tethered UAS operates securely with encrypted video over the tether, which means your video and data is safe from being jammed or stolen.

Rapid Deployment

Instantly deployable and easy to set up, Hoverfly tethered drones offer on-demand security capabilities. Whether responding to emerging threats or securing high-profile events, our drones empower you to act swiftly and decisively.

Amag Security Partner

Integrate with hundreds of AMAG video management and AMAG Symmetry System partners.

Customizable Solutions

Hoverfly offers a range of tethered drone configurations and integration options tailored to your specific security needs. Whether protecting borders, perimeters, or sensitive facilities, our customizable solutions ensure optimal security coverage for any scenario or environment. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who trust Hoverfly tethered drones to enhance their security posture, deter threats, and maintain a safe and secure environment.

Proven Reliability

Trusted by security professionals worldwide, Hoverfly has a track record of reliability and performance in diverse operational environments. From critical infrastructure protection to large-scale event security, our public safety drones consistently deliver successful results.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

Equipped with advanced ISR payloads and real-time streaming capabilities, Hoverfly security drones deliver actionable intelligence directly to security personnel. Electro-Optical Zoom and Infrared communications payloads are available, extending the outer layer of security and identifying threats well beyond the physical perimeter.

State-of-the-Art Protection

Hoverfly tUAS offers persistent on-demand situational awareness in both static and on-the-move deployments. Open architecture allows for a range of ISR payload integrations, from the Trillium HD40-LV to the Logos Microkestrel WAMI, that can greatly enhance security operations by providing an elevated view from up to 200 feet. Tethered power means that the craft can stay up indefinitely, ensuring an uninterrupted feed for command and control.

World-Class Support

We pride ourselves on providing customers with superior support. When you become a Hoverfly customer, you can expect leading drone solutions and dedicated support. Our team is here to walk you through the whole process and answer all your questions. Whether you want to know more about our ground-breaking tethered-drone technology, have a question about a product or need additional support – we are always here to help!

To mitigate security personnel training and work with our customers on a cost-effective solution, Hoverfly now offers tethered drone services. Our team of experts will maintain the operation of the Hoverfly tethered UAS while your security program benefits from a persistent video feed from 200’.

User Testimony

“The innovative technology from Hoverfly and Serverli opens a variety of opportunities for large event security. By supplementing our existing UAS program with their tethered UAS technology, it reduced operator workload, offered persistent situational awareness, and ultimately made the incident commander more informed.”

Linda Stump-Kurnick
University of Florida Police Chief

Who We Are

Hoverfly Technologies is the leader in tether-powered aerial drone systems. Over time, we have evolved from creating flight controllers to designing and providing industry leading tethered drones for defense, communication, and security solutions.

About Us Capabilities


Our tethered drones are fielded by branches of the Armed Forces and industry partners to provide a mobile ad-hoc network of flying communications or ISR nodes.


Our drones are proudly designed, built, and supported in the U.S. Hoverfly has been developing the best drones for government, security, commercial, and other specialized applications across the globe.

Our security drones can reach an altitude of 200 ft from base station.

Hoverfly tethered drones can fly for as long as they receive power to the ground station. Our systems also have recommended service intervals for maintaining system integrity.

Because our drone’s data is secured within its tether, Hoverfly tethered drones are impenetrable to external hacking.