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Public safety has become harder to maintain and threats more difficult to anticipate. Hoverfly tethered technology unencumbers security personnel by providing the ability to persistently evaluate an ongoing situation from up to 200 feet. Video streams from the Hoverfly network are shared among the response and command team, so everyone has instant high-ground visibility to improve incident response. Manpower can be alleviated from simple surveillance and redirected to manned security responses, while Hoverfly maintains an uninterrupted eye in the sky.

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The transmission of real-time data allows officers to act on live-feed data, informing crowd and traffic control teams on the ground.


UAVs provide consistent information, give a birds-eye view of the area, search blind spots, and run a perimeter route faster and more efficiently.


Our drones include open API and simple SDK that make it easy to integrate our systems and data outputs into existing security and video.


Our system elevates disaster, emergency, and contingency operations – Hoverfly tUAS is mobile, repositionable, and can fly almost any payload, meaning that communications can be delivered when normal functions are not available.

Tethered systems can assist emergency services with uninterrupted situational awareness – from determining the scale and impact of a disaster, managing traffic flow after a road traffic collision, or monitoring an ongoing fire emergency. Video streams from the Hoverfly’s configurable network are shared among the response and command team, so everyone has instant high-ground visibility to improve incident response.

With the emergence of Drone As A Service (DAaS), Hoverfly now offers services and solutions for large event gatherings and populated events. Freeflying drones have a battery life of 20-40 minutes, whereas Hoverfly systems can fly indefinitely. From football games to election rallies, Hoverfly tUAS and our team of experts are ready to assist in security operations by providing persistent eyes in the sky.


World-Class Support

We pride ourselves on providing customers with superior support. When you become a Hoverfly customer you can expect leading drone solutions and dedicated support. Our team is here to walk you through the whole process and answer all your questions.

Whether you want to know more about our ground-breaking tethered-drone technology, have a question about a product or need additional support – we are always here to help!

Who We Are

Hoverfly Technologies is the leader in tether-powered aerial drone systems. Over time, we have evolved from creating flight controllers to designing and providing industry leading tethered drones for defense, communication, and security solutions.

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Our tethered drones are fielded by branches of the Armed Forces and industry partners to provide a mobile ad-hoc network of flying communications or ISR nodes.


Our drones are proudly designed, built, and supported in the U.S. Hoverfly has been developing the best Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for government, industrial, commercial, and other specialized applications across the globe.


Hoverfly Technologies is a leading national provider of federal defense drones, security drones, and public safety drones.


Maximize protection with persistent long-range surveillance and communications.


Maximize protection with persistent long-range surveillance and communications.