Public Safety Drones

Keep Community Members & First Responders Safe

Maximum Safety & Surveillance

Hoverfly tethered technology unburdens security personnel by providing the ability to persistently evaluate an ongoing situation from up to 200 feet.

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Strengthening Public Safety Protocols

  • Traditional security methods fall short when monitoring large crowds.
  • Public events are more complex and larger.
  • Real-time situational awareness is needed for proactive security.

Safety & Security Solutions for Critical Operations

  • Hoverfly tethered drones offer rapid on-demand ISR or network communication
  • Improved situational awareness at 200 ft
  • All-weather capable
  • Open API
  • Simple and intuitive UI
  • Secure data via tether

Enhanced Security Measures for All Missions

  • Uninterrupted surveillance of events
  • Real-time video streaming from 200 ft
  • Continuous flight-time
  • High-definition EO/IR cameras
  • Network communication range extension from 200 ft
  • Autonomous flight controls and self-monitoring capabilities
  • Open AI and Simple SDK for system integration

Empowering Public Safety Teams With Advanced Awareness

  • The ability for law enforcement and security personnel to monitor events with unparalleled clarity
  • Persistent aerial security coverage = proactive incident response
  • Safer and more efficient resource allocation.
  • Stable and reliable operation in challenging weather conditions
  • Detect, identify, and respond to potential threats swiftly
  • Reliable and persistent communication for disaster relief
  • Painless integration into existing security systems

Elevating Public Safety

Hoverfly specializes in delivering cutting-edge tethered drone solutions tailored to the unique needs of public safety agencies. We utilize systems that have been tried and tested by our nation’s best and brightest. Our team of experts combines years of experience in drone technology with a deep understanding of public safety requirements to provide reliable, innovative, and scalable solutions.

Our system elevates disaster, emergency, and contingency operations – Hoverfly Tethered UAS is mobile, repositionable, and can fly almost any payload, meaning that communications can be delivered when normal functions are not available.

Video streams from the Hoverfly network are shared among the response and command team, so everyone has instant high-ground visibility to improve incident response. Manpower can be alleviated from simple surveillance and redirected to manned security responses, while Hoverfly maintains an uninterrupted eye in the sky.

Transform your approach to public safety with Hoverfly tethered drones. Gain unparalleled situational awareness, enhance response capabilities, and ensure the safety and security of communities and events with our advanced aerial solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how tethered drones can elevate your public safety efforts.

Services & Daas

With the emergence of Drone As a Service (DAaS), Hoverfly now offers services and solutions for large event gatherings and populated events. Freeflying drones have a battery life of 20-40 minutes, whereas Hoverfly systems can fly indefinitely. From football games to election rallies, Hoverfly tUAS and our team of experts are ready to assist in security operations by providing persistent eyes in the sky.

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World-Class Support

We pride ourselves on providing customers with superior support. When you become a Hoverfly customer you can expect leading drone solutions and dedicated support. Our team is here to walk you through the whole process and answer all your questions. Whether you want to know more about our ground-breaking tethered-drone technology, have a question about a product, or need additional support – we are always here to help!

User Testimony

“The innovative technology from Hoverfly and Serverli opens a variety of opportunities for large event security. By supplementing our existing UAS program with their tethered UAS technology, it reduced operator workload, offered persistent situational awareness, and ultimately made the incident commander more informed.”

Linda Stump-Kurnick
University of Florida Police Chief

Who We Are

Hoverfly Technologies is the leader in tether-powered aerial drone systems. Over time, we have evolved from creating flight controllers to designing and providing industry leading tethered drones for defense, communication, and security solutions.

About Us Capabilities


Our tethered drones are fielded by branches of the Armed Forces and industry partners to provide a mobile ad-hoc network of flying communications or ISR nodes.


Our drones are proudly designed, built, and supported in the U.S. Hoverfly has been developing the best drones for government, security, commercial, and other specialized applications across the globe.

Public Safety Drone Applications

Hoverfly public safety drones have a myriad of applications within law enforcement, security, and first responder deployments.

  • Event security with location security services
  • Crowd monitoring with local police
  • Rally/Speech surveillance with security services
  • Communication extension for first responders during disaster relief
  • Communication extension for lawn enforcement agencies during tactical barricade scenarios

A View From Above

Hoverfly Tethered UAS offers a revolutionary approach to surveillance, monitoring, and response, providing unprecedented access and agility in critical situations. With a maneuverable and persistent camera at 200 feet, security can now view an event in its entirety – the full venue for the entire event. Our cutting-edge tethered drone solution elevates public safety to new heights.


Hoverfly tethered-UAS improves overall security coverage and enhances first-responders to act with precision and speed.

Unmatched Situational Awareness

Hoverfly tethered-UAS can remain airborne for extended periods, offering uninterrupted surveillance of events, crowded areas, or emergency situations. Real-time footage and data can be streamed to command centers or mobile devices, empowering authorities to monitor crowds, traffic, and incidents with unparalleled clarity and actionable insights.

Stability & Reliability

Unlike traditional free-flying drones with strict battery limitations, Hoverfly federal defense drones have essentially limitless flight time which generates a safer and more efficient resource allocation. Continuous power via ground or generators ensures stable and reliable operation for hours on end, even in challenging weather conditions.

Heightened Security

Equipped with high-definition daylight and infrared cameras, our drones provide unmatched visibility, enabling authorities to detect, identify, and respond to potential threats swiftly.

Elevated Communication

For disaster relief, wildfire support, and other emergency responses, Hoverfly public safety drones can provide a mobile network node via a radio payload. At 200 feet, this radio provides first responders with a reliable and persistent communication network to rapidly respond to situations and remain connected.

Autonomy & Simplicity

Our security drones are equipped with autonomous flight controls and self-monitoring capabilities, meaning operators do not require intense training to use the system.

Painless Integrations

Hoverfly tethered drones include an open API and simple SDK that make it easy to integrate Hoverfly systems and data outputs into existing security and video.

Our drones operate with a small aerial footprint and are barely noticeable, especially at 200 ft.

Hoverfly drones are equipped with several self-monitoring capabilities but the same general dangers that are present for other aerial platforms are present for Hoverfly: potential crashes, hazardous weather conditions, and user error.

Our tethered drones are known for their intuitive and simple user interface. Our comprehensive training program can be completed in several days to equip operators with the knowledge necessary to pilot Hoverfly systems and successfully complete missions.