On-the-Move Drone Solutions

Mobilize Connection.

A Critical Robotic Asset

Modern technology has completely altered the mechanisms of warfare. Humans remain at the core of every operation, being the ultimate decision-makers. But reconnaissance, communications, and even combat are being supplemented with innovative unmanned solutions.

Improving Dynamic Combat Situations

In today’s rapidly evolving military landscape, mobility, rapid deployment, and unmanned system autonomy are critical for maintaining a tactical advantage.

  • Free-flying drones require active piloting.
  • Free-flying drones have limited flight time.
  • Conventional targeting methods are manpower-intensive and prone to inaccuracy.
  • Network Range extension via masts is slow and encumbering.
  • Combat vehicles need reliable and rapid deployments.

Innovative Mobile Operation Solutions

Introducing Hoverfly Tethered Drones — a game-changing solution for On-The-Move missions. Our innovative tethered technology offers unmatched endurance and best-in-class platform integration.

  • Hoverfly tethered drones offer rapid on-the-move ISR, Communications, and Counter-UAS deployments.
  • Persistent flight translates to persistent intelligence, surveillance, and communications.
  • Improved situational awareness, network range, and C-UAS detection at 200 ft.
  • All-weather capable and unmatched GPS-denied operation in contested environments.

Advanced Features for Mission Success

  • Ruggedized design for quick platform integration
  • Elevated persistent ISR or communication node at 200 ft.
  • Continuous On-the-move capabilities at 10 mph.
  • Power and data over secure tether
  • Simple and intuitive control interface.
  • Rapid deployment and minimal setup time.
  • Payload agnostic
  • Field-proven reliability
  • Open API
  • No RF Emission
  • Proprietary and patented precision landing capabilities
  • GPS-denied operation in contested environments
  • All-weather capable

Superior Military Capabilities & Response

  • Move-Communicate-Move
  • Improved Survivability
  • Rapid targeting for combat vehicles
  • Uninterrupted surveillance
  • Enhanced situational awareness
  • Reliable and persistent video feed
  • Autonomous operation and built-in system monitoring
  • Augmented threat detection from 200 ft with zoom capabilities
  • Expedite targeting with third-party AI enhancements
  • Seamless integration of third-party cameras, radios, and EW payloads
  • Launch and recover without optical sensors for painless deployment
  • Reduced workload and maximized warfighter efficiency
  • No flight-time limitation means no compromise
  • Undetectable and rapidly deployable

Designed for Survival

Hoverfly Tethered Drones are designed for the Warfighters’ needs. As a versatile platform capable of providing on-demand ISR, network range extension, and counter-UAS radar, our public safety drones are the #1 choice for the US military. Deployed in the most austere environments, Hoverfly drones have been integrated into Robotic Combat Vehicles, the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, M1 Abrams, and a multitude of other combat vehicles.

The Hoverfly Advantage

Hoverfly Tethered Drones are a critical piece of this new technologically enhanced combat strategy. Providing communications and reconnaissance across dispersed formations is imperative for improved survivability and overall mission success, especially when on the move.
Our system is ready to integrate onto robotic combat vehicles, tanks, and other platforms to provide unparalleled network extension and persistent ISR capabilities.

Continuous Surveillance

With our tethered drone integrated onto a moving vehicle, you benefit from uninterrupted aerial surveillance, providing a constant stream of real-time intelligence to enhance situational awareness and augment conventional targeting techniques.

Dynamic Mobility

Enjoy unparalleled agility and responsiveness with our tethered drone solutions, allowing you to maintain surveillance while on the move, adapting quickly to changing operational requirements and conditions.

Extended Endurance

Harness the power of tethered drones to operate continuously without battery life constraints, ensuring extended surveillance or communications missions without downtime or interruption.

Enhanced Security

By integrating our tethered drone onto a moving vehicle, you bolster security measures by extending the reach of your surveillance capabilities, deterring threats, and enhancing force protection.

Rapid Deployment

Experience seamless deployment and retrieval of our tethered drone system, enabling swift response to emerging threats or critical situations, without sacrificing operational efficiency.

Integrated Intelligence

With our Open API and Seamless SDK, painlessly integrate our security drones with existing military systems and networks and maximize interoperability and coordination for enhanced mission effectiveness.

Mission Flexibility

Adapt to evolving mission requirements with ease by having a tethered drone integrated onto your moving vehicle, ensuring versatility and adaptability in a variety of operational scenarios. Experience the tactical advantages of integrating a Hoverfly Tethered Drone onto your moving vehicle and elevate your operational capabilities to new heights.

Optimized Resource Allocation

Utilize our tethered drone solutions to optimize resource allocation by reducing the need for multiple static surveillance assets, streamlining operations, unencumbering the warfighter, and reducing logistical burdens.

Warfighter Testimony

“My favorite weapon system was the Mark 19. Because of how, whenever we can launch the Hoverfly and also correct and adjust our rounds from the Hoverfly, it’s an all-in-one system right there. You don’t need a third person to tell you where and how to adjust your rounds; you can see it all for yourself from the system itself. So it just shows that it has a lot of capabilities that we’re still discovering and understanding.”

SPC Grabowski
Robotic Vehicle Operator (DEVCOM GVSC)

The Tactical Edge

Experience unparalleled reconnaissance, communication, and electronic warfare capabilities with Hoverfly, the pinnacle of Tethered Drone solutions for On-The-Move deployments. Designed to excel in dynamic environments, our tethered drone ensures constant aerial surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, providing real-time intelligence to ground forces and combat vehicle operators.

Its compact and lightweight design allows for swift deployment, enhancing situational awareness and response times on the battlefield. With robust tethered power, our federal defense drones operate continuously, eliminating downtime and maximizing operational effectiveness. Trust Hoverfly for unmatched mobility, reliability, and performance in critical military missions.

Hoverfly tethered drones are fielded for on-the-move operations at or below 10 mph.

Hoverfly tethered drones can be mounted on robotic combat vehicles, Bradley fighting vehicles, other tanks and ground vehicles, and a wide variety of naval vessels.