Federal Defense Drones

Extending the eyes & ears of our forces

The #1 U.S. Army Drone

Hoverfly Tethered UASs have more hours flown, Warfighter touch points, and systems fielded in DoD than all our competitors combined.

  • The #1 tethered drone choice for the US Military
  • Over 500 Tethered UAS fielded in the Army as the Variable Height Antenna (VHA) for the ITN
  • Participated in over 200 Warfighter touchpoints, exercises, and robotic scenarios

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Improving the Eyes & Ears of Our Military

  • Rugged terrain, urban landscapes, and electronic interference obstruct vital intelligence and communication connections.
  • Dispersed formations require extended range for radio communication.
  • Current radio communication technology is often unreliable and range-limited.
  • On-the-move solutions require rapid on-demand ISR technology for improved situational awareness and targeting.
  • Military bases require persistent surveillance for maximum security.

Powerful Real-Time Defense Solutions

  • Hoverfly tethered drones offer rapid on-demand ISR, communications, or counter-UAS mission deployments.
  • Persistent flight translates to persistent intelligence, surveillance, and communications.
  • Improved situational awareness at 200 ft.
  • All-weather capable and unmatched GPS-denied operation in contested environments.

On-the-Move Versatility & Protection

  • Elevated communications relay and ISR node at 200 ft
  • Simple and intuitive control interface
  • Rapid deployment and minimal setup time
  • Payload agnostic – ISR, Communications, Counter-UAS/EW
  • Field-proven reliability
  • Open API
  • Proprietary and patented precision landing capabilities
  • On-the-move functionality
  • GPS-denied operation in contested environments
  • All-weather capable

Arming Our Forces With Advanced Protection & Support

  • Network communications are extended via VHA
  • Empowers operators to quickly launch and execute missions
  • Versatile platform that acts as a force multiplier for persistent ISR, communications, and C-UAS missions
  • Reliable and persistent operation
  • Seamless integration for third-party payloads
  • Launch and recover without optical sensors for painless deployment
  • Reduced workload and maximized warfighter efficiency
  • No flight-time limitation means no compromise when it comes to mission success

On-the-Move Solutions

For next-generation combat vehicles, Hoverfly is an incredibly valuable asset. The tethered UAS’s Autonomous ISR provides the pilot with on-demand situational awareness and advanced targeting that can dramatically alter a mission. See beyond the tree line and adjust rounds with efficiency to shift the battle in your favor.

Additionally, Hoverfly systems are the perfect surveillance sentry for military base security and overwatch. With its rugged design, expeditious setup, and intuitive operation. Hoverfly tUAS is ready for deployment in all combat scenarios.

“My favorite weapon system was the Mark 19. Because of how, whenever we can launch the Hoverfly and also correct and adjust our rounds from the Hoverfly, it’s an all-in-one system right there. You don’t need a third person to tell you where and how to adjust your rounds; you can see it all for yourself from the system itself.”

– SPC Grabowski – Robotic Vehicle Operator (DEVCOM GVSC)

Human-Machine Integrated Formations (H-Mif)

The future of combat is in robotics. To keep humans out of harm’s way, our military has to be at the forefront of unmanned technology and integrated formations. Hoverfly is leading the charge in the development of tethered technology within H-MIF. For robotic combat vehicles, we’re the #1 fielded tethered-UAS. Our systems provide autonomous on-demand situational awareness that turns the tide of battle.

“1st Lieutenant stated, ‘Normally the Opposing Forces (“OPFOR”) are about 30% accurate for indirect fire missions, we were 100% successful with the geo-location on the Hoverfly.’ This was a game changer for them.”

– Hoverfly TeUAS on Project Origin vehicle at JRTC

“Overall – the robots and the Hoverfly really performed well, and the end result was that the NTC Commander wants the robots at NTC on a permanent basis – this would not have been the case if he was not pleased with the performance.”

– Hoverfly TeUAS on Project Origin vehicle at NTC

Variable Height Antenna (VHA)

VHA is now a critical piece of infrastructure for the Integrated Tactical Network (ITN). With multiple payload configurations, Hoverfly can rapidly take a wide variety of radios to 200 feet and create an expanded and persistent communication bubble. By enhancing and extending the tactical network, Hoverfly VHA allows command and control to remain agile and connected – ensuring missing success.

World-Class Support

Our armed services receive unmatched support from the entire Hoverfly company, nothing less. Our team of experts provides intensive customer training, payload integration assistance, extensive mission support, and everything in between. Our engineers work tirelessly to ensure products are constantly being developed to the end-users’ needs, and our world-class product support team is ready when you encounter any problem with our tethered system.

We pride ourselves on providing customers with superior support. When you become a Hoverfly customer you can expect leading tethered drone solutions and dedicated support. Whether you want to know more about our ground-breaking tethered technology, have a question about a product, or need additional support – we are always here to help!

User Testimony

“The innovative technology from Hoverfly and Serverli opens a variety of opportunities for large event security. By supplementing our existing UAS program with their tethered UAS technology, it reduced operator workload, offered persistent situational awareness, and ultimately made the incident commander more informed.”

Linda Stump-Kurnick
University of Florida Police Chief

Who We Are

Hoverfly Technologies is the leader in tether-powered aerial drone systems. Over time, we have evolved from creating flight controllers to designing and providing industry leading tethered drones for defense, communication, and security solutions.

About Us Capabilities


Our tethered drones are fielded by branches of the Armed Forces and industry partners to provide a mobile ad-hoc network of flying communications or ISR nodes.


Our drones are proudly designed, built, and supported in the U.S. Hoverfly has been developing the best Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) for government, industrial, commercial, and other specialized applications across the globe.

Line of Sight

In modern warfare, maintaining clear lines of sight is paramount for effective reconnaissance and seamless communication. Yet, the ever-evolving battlefield presents challenges, with rugged terrain, urban landscapes, and electronic interference often obstructing these vital connections.

Dispersed formations are often blind to attacks, deaf to command-and-control, and silent when desperate for help. As military command shifts to a segmented approach across the battlefield, reliability, and range have never been more important.

Tethered Solutions

Hoverfly is revolutionizing government and federal sectors for long-duration, small-footprint aerial surveillance and secure long-range communications with tethered UAS technology. Persistent flight translates to persistent intelligence, surveillance, targeting, and communications relay functions while stationary or on the move in vehicles or vessels.

With rapid on-demand functionality, Hoverfly tUAS is the leading Variable Height Antenna (VHA) that ensures a connected command and control for mission-critical scenarios. Survivability is exponentially improved with a Hoverfly tethered UAS at your disposal.


Experience the Hoverfly Advantage and revolutionize your aerial operations with unparalleled precision, adaptability, and reliability:


Our proprietary and patented landing capabilities ensure pinpoint accuracy, even in challenging environments. Launch and recover without optical sensors for seamless deployment and retrieval of unmanned aerial systems (UAS).


With an open API, Hoverfly platforms offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing for seamless integration of third-party payloads, sensors, and software solutions tailored to your specific mission requirements.

Field-Proven Reliability

Trusted by military and civilian users worldwide, Hoverfly systems have undergone rigorous testing and real-world deployments, delivering consistent performance in the most demanding conditions. Our tethered drones are Blue sUAS fielded and maintained by our forces flying Silvus, Trellisware, MPU5, Ultra, PRC-163, and PRC-161 radios.

Autonomous Operations

Leverage our intelligent autonomous flight control to streamline your operations. Our simple and intuitive control interface reduces workload and maximizes efficiency.

Rapid Deployment

Designed for rapid deployment and minimal setup time, Hoverfly platforms empower operators to quickly launch and execute missions, providing immediate aerial reconnaissance and communications capabilities whenever and wherever needed.

Scalable Solutions

From small-scale tactical reconnaissance to large-scale communications and monitoring missions, Hoverfly offers scalable solutions tailored to your organization’s size, scope, and operational needs.

Continuous Innovation

Committed to staying ahead of the technological curve, Hoverfly invests in ongoing research and development, ensuring our customers benefit from the latest advancements in tethered technology and capabilities. With decades of experience and a reputation as the industry leader, our federal defense drones, public safety drones, and security drones are the best on the market.

Experience the Hoverfly Advantage and elevate your aerial operations to new heights. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who rely on Hoverfly for unmatched performance, versatility, and mission success.

Yes, Hoverfly tethered drones can be mounted on ground vehicles and naval assets for enhanced ISR and persistent communications.

Human-Machine Integrated Formations – the combination of robotic combat technologies with human warfighters to augment combat effectiveness.

The Integrated Tactical Network – a system of systems that the U.S. Army uses to rapidly prototype and field equipment to modernize tactical communications.

Hoverfly tethered drones are jamming/spoofing-proofed through GPS-denied capabilities and an advanced patented tether sensor technology. If jammed via RF, our drones will stay in the air and in operation for mission success. If jammed via GPS, then our Advanced Tether Sensor (ATS) will control craft positioning and maintain system operation.